Make Bridges App Demo We need a safe space to have important conversations about our differences--without the filter bubbles, echo chambers, and antagonism of the watching crowd.

Make Bridges is a unique app that connects people by their differences (in politics, religion, race, and more) to foster understanding through safe, civil, one-on-one dialogues. When they do so, users lay the groundwork for greater unity, empathy, compassion, and the rehumanization of the "other" -- making our world better one conversation at a time.

Make Bridges is a connection app unique from others in fundamental ways:
  • Users connect by their differences of personally defining ideas, beliefs, and identity
  • Dialogues are exclusively one-to-one, to ensure a safe space for meaningful civil discourse
  • Community ratings ensure the most positively engaged members rise to the top, while bad actors are suppressed
By fulfilling our modest mission to “connect people with differences to foster understanding”, Make Bridges will empower people to:
  • Connect with people they would never have the chance to connect with in real life
  • Learn about those “others” directly from the people themselves
  • Educate others about the differences that make themselves unique
  • Learn how to engage in meaningful civil discourse both on and off the platform