CEO Mindset Part 1 Cohort JULO Strategy brings you a 12-week, 2-part program that empowers you to commit yourself to long-term results. Different mindset. Different outcome.

CEO Mindset 1

Week 1: Your Mindset
Get out of Employee Mindset & Overwhelmed Status and enter CEO Mindset. We focus on YOU and your value to give you the confidence and strategies needed to move your business forward.
Week 2: Automate, Delegate, & Eliminate Mindset
CEOs cannot do it all. They Lead, Firefight, and Go Global. The rest should be automated, delegated, or eliminated. Learn who you need on your team to fill these important roles so you can concentrate on the big picture.
Week 3: "Why You” Mindset
Delve into your business's products and services and determine why customers would choose your organization over another. What do you “really” do?
Week 4: “Why and Results” Mindset
Your marketing message should reflect the “why” in your product or service and the “result” your customers get from buying that product or service. Hone your messaging in this session so that you effectively communicate that “why” and “results” of your business. Week 5: Week 5: Ideal Client Mindset
Most business owners struggle to identify their ideal clients. Through a series of strategic exercises, learn to identify your ideal client and where to find them.
Week 6: Success Mindset
Are you prepared for success? Identification and documentation of your business’s processes and systems is essential to the long-term success of your business. Focus on how to create and update your business roadmap.

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