Rising Tide Innovation Center Member Handbook

About Rising Tide Innovation Center


Our mission

 RTIC is a physical space coupled with an online community where people can come together, access resources and combine their energy to advance their own entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to the economic vitality of St. Petersburg. We believe that together we can achieve more than each of us can alone and the act of helping others strengthens both the giver and recipient of the assistance.

Community culture

The Space is a shared office and we ask that you consider other Members and use the Space, Website, Social Media, community rooms, and Portal in a respectful way. Offensive language, threatening behavior, abuse of our staff or other Members and damage to our Property, or property of another Member, will not be tolerated. 

The Rising Tide Code of Ethics

  1. Respect

  2. Community



The Community Coordinator and Director are typically onsite from 8am - 5pm during weekdays. In the event that no Rising Tide staff will be onsite, we will alert members. 

Low/High Tide:      Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

Other Members:      24-hour access 

Tours            Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm

Reaching Us

Phone    727-877-8230

Email:        [email protected]

Keep in Touch with Us

Make sure to follow us online: 

Website:        www.RisingTideCowork.com

Member website:     https://members.risingtidecowork.com

Facebook:          @RisingTideSTP

Twitter:        @RisingTideSTP

Instagram        @Risingtide_DTSP

Yelp:            Rising Tide Innovation Center

LinkedIn:        Rising Tide Innovation Center


Rising Tide Innovation Center Members - Who Are They? 

We are proud to have the most diverse coworking environment in St. Petersburg. Our members are lawyers, tech startups, social justice pioneers, freelance writers, entrepreneurs, disrupters, and innovators. You’ll see some faces every day, some only rarely. 

Interaction with other Members

Rising Tide Innovation Center attracts entrepreneurs and innovators, and we encourage collaboration and feedback amongst our Members. There is a code of ethics in coworking spaces that you will respect the sensitivity of shared information – whether it is intentional or not, and you will preserve the confidentiality of this information.  

Some members prefer to put their heads down and work undisturbed. We respect that.

Some members prefer to talk their ideas out. We respect that. 


Rising Tide Innovation Center encourages connection between members. One of the greatest benefits of working in a shared office space is the networking opportunities! We sponsor a number of Rising Tide Member Events weekly and monthly to make it easy to meet other members. Check out our website and social media for a list of events. We don’t require participation, but we love bringing people together! 

In addition to Rising Tide Member Events, we also allow members to put on their own events in our space.  You never know what you might find happening. Most are open to everyone, but be courteous when these events are happening. 

One of the tenants of Rising Tide Innovation Center is that we act as a steward of our larger community. To that end, the space is often donated to organizations and causes that align with our values. These groups conduct meetings, networking events, seminars, think tanks, and work sessions. Most of these events occur after regular business hours, but some are during the day. We try to be mindful of our members and do our best to not infringe on their ability to get their own work done.   



The best thing about Rising Tide Innovation Center is the number of places you can go to work. 


Offices with a door are typically rented by small businesses or individuals that need a little more privacy.  Respect these spaces as private areas, but feel free to poke your head in the door if it is open to say hello to your fellow members. 


Dedicated desks come with a locked filing cabinet and guaranteed access to your space.  Hot desks are first come-first serve. Standing desks available as well as comfy chairs at sitting desks. 

Meeting Rooms

There are six meeting rooms available for member use. 

Convergence - 4th Floor - Boardroom style L-shaped conference table and side buffet counter and mini fridge. Near the main entrance making it great for high-profile clients and back-to-back meetings. Has a mobile whiteboard as well as a mounted TV monitor with Apple AirPlay and HDMI connectivity. Seats 8-10.

Water Room - 3rd Floor - Ideal for training, bar-height tables for standing or stools (configurable as 1, 2, or 4 tables), moveable podium, whiteboard, 2 TV Monitors with Apple AirPlay and HDMI connectivity. Can accommodate 20 people. 

The Room of Requirements - 3rd Floor - Casual, relaxed seating ideal for brainstorming or planning sessions. Has 2 large bean bags and 2 lounge-style chairs with ottomans. Seats 4-6.

The Wave Room - 2nd Floor - Bright and open conference room with conference table and Podcast recording booth. Lightning and some recording equipment available for use. Seats 4-6.

The Caye Room - 2nd Floor - Small conference room that is great for small groups or brainstorming sessions. Includes a whiteboard wall and conference phone. Seats 3-4.

The Conversation Room - 2nd Floor - Cozy room for those who need a quiet solution to taking calls or discussing confidential information. Seats 1-2.


There is NO COST for members with 24/7 access memberships  to reserve meeting rooms, but they do need to be reserved in advance. Four ways to reserve: 

  • Online - even on your phone - by going to www.RisingTideCowork.com | Members Only | Bookings 

  • On the Passport app 

  • Directly on iPads installed outside each meeting room

  • Contact the Community Coordinator to book it for you

If you need a room for more than three hours at a time,  we kindly request you check with the community coordinator first. Members cannot book more than one meeting room at a time. If your team needs more than one room, at least two members of the team must have their own membership.

Conference Room Technology

White boards - Erasable markers and erasers should be next to the wall, please let us know if the room needs to be restocked. 

TV Monitors - The Water Room and Convergence have TV Monitors that can be used with HDMI cable (provided) or AppleTV / AirPlay. Instructions for use are in both rooms.  Please do not plug any other device into the TVs, and please do not unplug anything from them. If you run into problems please find the Community Coordinator right away. 

Conference Phone - The Convergence and The Caye rooms have a conference telephone - fairly straightforward to use. Ask if you need assistance. 

Video Conferencing - Convergence uses Zoom Room video conferencing. You can invite meeting attendees to join your video conference, and upload documents to the group to view on screen. The Community Coordinator can give you a tutorial. 

Appropriate Uses

Our rooms have noise dampening, but they are not soundproof. By all means, get excited, but try not to get too rowdy. You should probably refrain from sharing classified or highly sensitive information, as the room is in a community space. Meeting rooms are considered part of the community, and as such should be used in compliance with our Rising Tide 10 Commandments.

Candles or incense should never be burned in the building, even private offices.  

Phone Booths

There is a phone booth located on each floor. Phone booths are first come, first serve. Please be courteous of your time in the booths. Booths are for calls and meetings when privacy is needed, not as a quiet space to sit and work for long periods of time. 


There are two bathrooms on the 3rd Floor and two on the 4th Floor, all in the back corner of the building. All bathrooms are unisex. The bathrooms on the 2nd floor are located outside of RTIC and are common space with the rest of the building, a key fob is needed to get into and out of the kitchen to the shared hallway. 

We do our best to keep them stocked and clean, but if anything needs attention, please contact the Community Coordinator right away. 

Office Supplies

On the 4th Floor we keep general office supplies such as pens, pads, laminating supplies, paper clips, etc. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please ask the Community Coordinator! Chances are that we have what you are looking for. 

Kitchens, Food, Snacks

There is a kitchen on each floor for member use. 

Dishwasher - Is on the 4th and 2nd Floors. We encourage you to bring reusable containers, plates, and bowls for your own use. We have a fully-stocked kitchenette on all floors if you forget anything. Our staff runs the dishwasher every morning, but feel free to load / empty to help keep our space neat! 

Refrigerator - Refrigerators are for member use. We ask that you keep them clean and remember to dispose of leftovers regularly. When refrigerators seem to be getting too full or any food smells, we will notify members we will be doing a fridge clean out and give them a few days to clear their belongings or mark things that should be kept.  

Coffee - There is a Keurig machine on the 2nd and 3rd floor kitchens. There is an espresso / cappuccino machine in the 4th floor kitchen.  We try to reduce waste as much as possible, so we encourage you to grab a glass or reusable mug for your beverages - located in the kitchen cabinets. 

Water - Don’t buy bottled water! We supply filtered water - both still and sparkling - and it tastes far and away better than anything you could buy in plastic. The 3rd floor has both “on tap,” and the 4th floor has a dispenser filled from the filtered system several times daily. Glasses are in all kitchens. 

Snacks - All 3 kitchenettes are stocked with complimentary snacks - granola bars, crackers, candy, chips, etc. 



    Name:        RTIC

    Password:      Cowork433

Snail Mail

As a member, you may receive mail at Rising Tide’s office for your business. Mail is received daily and sorted into the mailboxes on the 4th floor. Use the address:

Your Business Name

433 Central Avenue

4th Floor

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

The mail is dropped off around 3pm, daily. 

A mail drop can be found in the 1st floor lobby for outgoing mail. 


Breakers,  Mavericks, and Private Office Members have the option to purchase a dedicated phone line for a monthly fee of $9.00.  The phone line will be forwarded to a cell phone of your choice. Please contact us if you would like to add this service to your account.


If you know you will be having a visitor, please alert the Community Coordinator ahead of time by filling out this quick form on your member portal. 

We love having people come to Rising Tide Innovation Center!  Please direct your visitors to come to the 4th Floor, even if you are on another floor, and let our Community Coordinator know that you will be expecting folks to come by. We ask all visitors to sign in with a name, email, and person they are visiting - for security purposes. From there, our receptionist will take them to the appropriate room or office. If our Community coordinator is away from the main desk, please ensure that your visitors sign in on the 4th Floor.  


Stuff on Paper

There is a multi-function machine on the 4th and 3rd Floors that copies, prints, faxes, and scans. Members have unlimited use of printers, copiers, fax machine, and scanner, but please use this privilege within reason and be mindful. If you have a large-scale printing project, we can direct you to companies within a couple of blocks who can assist. 


You can connect to our printers by downloading the print driver that is sent to you in your initial welcome email. If you have trouble connecting, we have the drives stored on USB drives at the front desk and our staff can assist you with installation. You will need to use your personal 4 digit code supplied to you in your welcome email to make copies on either machine.

The machine can handle multiple paper sizes, and we supply paper stock up to 11” x 17” 

Members may print up to 250 pages of color prints/copies per month and up to 400 pages of black and white prints/copies per month, at no charge.

Please be aware of your settings when you are printing a document and only print in color when necessary. Remember, even if the document only has one small area of color (one letter or logo) it counts as color printing in the system. In the same regard, documents with “Draft” (or any other “watermarks” that appear in gray behind other font) are still counted as colored pages to the system (the gray) unless black and white is selected. Please make sure to check your settings!

The printer will continue to allow you to print beyond these limits, so please try to keep track of your page counts. We can always look up your current count for you if you think you may be near your limit. The count resets on the 1st of every month. If you exceed your monthly allowance, please refer to the following at-cost rates for you overage charges:

B/W $0.03/page

Color: $0.09/page

If you do have a large print project, you may take them to a local print shop or RTIC would be happy to assist further with your print projects at the same at-cost rates as above. While you can take these projects to a local printer, you may end up paying a lot of money (Ex: FedEx averages $0.62/page of color).


While you can fax out from the multi-function machine to another fax machine, we do not have a way to receive faxes here. 


You can scan documents to yourself or to any email address. Let the Community Coordinator know if you need assistance. 

Office Supplies

We have supplies like folders, binders, staplers, etc. in the closets next to the reception desk on the 4th Floor. Ask our Community Coordinator for help!

Security, Emergencies, Problems


Building Entrance: The 1st floor door to the elevator alcove is unlocked during weekdays from 8am - 5pm. Outside of those times, you will need a key fob to access the building.

Cowork Entrances: The 2nd and 3rd Floor doors are always locked and you will need a key fob to access. The 4th Floor door is open during normal business hours and the Community Coordinator should be at the front desk. After business hours, this door is only accessible via a key fob. If you lose your key fob, please notify the Community Coordinator or Director immediately. Replacements are $25. 

DO NOT PROP OPEN DOORS FOR ANY REASON - Please see Community Coordinator or Director if you have an event or need lots of people to have access. Key fobs should not be shared with anyone else.

Holidays: During holidays and other events, normal access to the coworking space may be limited to fob-only access. The Community Director will notify members when changes are being made. 

Offices: All reserved offices have locking doors and are not accessible by anyone other than the tenant and management.  The Community Director retains copies of keys, but please notify us immediately if you lose your keys. 

Events: RTIC hosts events both for members, and for the outside public. During these events, be aware that other people will be in the coworking spaces.  During events, standard fob-access-only is waived. Rising Tide does gather name and contact info for all guests and visitors. 

Cameras: RTIC employs a robust security system including multiple security cameras. 


For medical emergencies please dial 911. We keep an emergency contact on file for all members, you may update this anytime in your Nexudus account or by asking staff. For after hours emergencies, send a Slack message to our Community Director Meghan Hallinan.

Our address is 

433 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 


Non-emergency problems should be addressed with the Community Coordinator or Director during normal daytime hours in person, via Slack, or by emailing  [email protected] 

These include issues related to:

  • Technology / IT

  • Snacks

  • Equipment 

  • Supplies

  • Special Requests

  • Event Planning

  • Special Requests

  • Conflicts 

Get in touch with us